For over a dozen years portable Renaissance Faires have used Zinger's Royal Magick for Tudor Era entertainment. Royal Magick is the premiere traveling "stage magic" troupe in this field.

We usually travel with three on-stage performers including a character who spends most of their time in the merchant area.  Occasionally, we add two or three more performers, several cast members from the local faire, and two brutes who help with the heavy stuff.

We provide (deliver, set-up, manage, repair, tear down, take away, and store) a customized theatre and stage with sleeping, storage, preparation, changing, and green rooms along with merchant space. Basically the faire receives a period appearing stage without the hassle.

Usually we perform three forty five minute shows with a dozen or more effects daily using 15th - 16th century themes, stroll the faire interacting with patrons, and remain in character whenever the public can see us. Our magic is beyond "walk-on and perform out of pockets or a cart" -- we fill the stage with performers, props, action, and characters. Royal Magick puts magic into a Renaissance Faire and is what a MAGIC SHOW is all about.

One of our missions is "to raise the standard of performance at Renaissance Faires" and we have always reached that while pushing the limits farther each year.

Beyond performing, we provide quality wooden tankards, mystical, and magical items for sale. We have been pleasing audiences, producers, and shoppers for more than a dozen years.

For general information about our availability, contact Royal Magick -- Zinger is generally creating fantasy or rambling on our blog, but he can be pulled into your reality (206-356-3649).

Schedule for 2012

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