You get more than "entertainment" when you book and work with Royal Magick:

  • The Show -- Of course you get established, friendly, era crafted, award winning, crowd pleasing, non-stop magical entertainment.  We perform more than a dozen magic effects in a 45 minute show that is crafted specifically for Renaissance Faires using period themes, references, and behaviors.  The show is written for thinking adults who bring children and is enjoyed as education and entertainment.  Our show is concentrated "Stage Magic" rather than puffed up "walk on, stand up magic"; think "Drama" rather than "trick, joke, trick, joke".
    More details on "New Worlds' Tour -- continued" and past shows.

  • The Stage -- If you decided to have a period looking portable theatre for your faire, you might consider creating the following: 1) modeled loosely after The Globe's performing space, 2) large tented look with flags on top, 3) curtained entrances and exits, 4) 24' by 10' performing space, 5) controlled sightlines, 6) backstage area for storage, preparation, moving on/off, and FX, 7) green room, 8) costume storage and changing area, and 9) a concession or merchant space.  It also would need to be rain, fire, and wind proof.  Then you realize what it would cost for designing, building, revising, storing, repairing, erecting, tearing down, plus "maintaining" the theatre during an event.
    Royal Magick brings the stage and you use it. More details on the stage.

  • Products -- For years we have provided mystical, musical, and magical products including quality hand crafted wooden tankards, honey stixs, and portable shade (parasols) for our audiences.

  • The People; -- When Royal Magick troupe members are in visitor's view we are working, interacting with patron, and creating the Tudor Era atmosphere.  We enjoy street performing and consider it almost as important as stage performing.  Every troupe member has years of performing, costuming, and/or entertaining experience.

  • Publicity Assistance -- We work for you and part of the work is publicizing your event. Our broadcast background assists both of us to comfortably work with live television promotion, either on-site or in studio.  We've been the "anchor-interviewer" plus know how to provide "action and movement" for the camera.  We'll help you create "talking point" "sound-bites" appreciated by editors. Royal Magick loves walking in costume, handing our flyers, and inviting people to your event.

  • School and Library Shows -- we do school and library shows and promote your event

  • Additional Acts -- assistance with other performers

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