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Musical ---
Instruments Harps, psalteries, thumb pianos, etc.
Silverwind Personally crafted and decorated.
Other makers Quality at reasonable prices.
Chimes The second element creates gentle music.
Corinthian Bells USA crafted and considered among the best.
Singing Bowls Patience combined with constant pressure creates harmony.
Tankards Drinking vessels handmade in Pacific Northwest. Leak proof -- lifetime guarantee.
Quality (wood)
Specialty (wood) Carved handles and special sizes.
Balls and Globes ---
Acrylic (juggling) Physical and practical for reflection and skill. Acrylic can be dropped, polished, and cleaned.
Crystal Concentrate and reflect with weighty clarity.
Puppets ---
Puzzles --- Personal behavior with a graceful statement of complexity. Wooden -- one round and one frustratingly complex; complicated metal ones.
Magical Stuff --- We often provide items used in the show for sale along with chosen amateur and advanced performance items.
Misc. --- Mystical items. Witty wearable statements from Wolfhammer Ltd. Tasting honey is traditional. We lend and sell quality shade.

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